How does Dream Kid work?

Dream Kid crafts personalized stories through a three-step process:
1. Create a Profile: Parents or guardians create a profile for their child, providing details like name, age, gender, and any particular challenges they face.
2. Choose a Story Setting: Select from 10 different story settings, each with unique characters and adventures.
3. Send it to Narration: Decide whether to read the story aloud with your child or let our AI narrate it, making bedtime or any time a personalized adventure.

What is the difference between Dream Kid and ChatGPT?

While both Dream Kid and ChatGPT are AI-driven technologies, Dream Kid is specialized for creating personalized stories for children, particularly those in hospital settings, complete with narration and illustrations.

Is Dream Kid free to use?

Dream Kid offers two free stories to all new users and we also publish a free “Story of the Week” every week. Additional stories can be purchased for €3.99 each.

Is it suitable for all age groups?

Dream Kid is specifically tailored for children and ensures that each story is age-appropriate. We take special care to tailor the complexity and language of each story to match the age and understanding of the child.

Can I include family and friends in the story?

Yes, Dream Kid offers the option to personalize stories by including family and friends. When creating your child's heroic profile, you can add the names and characteristics of loved ones to be part of the adventure. This feature enriches the storytelling experience, making it more familiar and comforting for the child, as they encounter recognizable figures along their journey.

Is Dream Kid safe for kids?

Absolutely, Dream Kid is designed with the utmost consideration for the safety and well-being of children. The platform ensures there is no exposure to inappropriate content or disruptive advertisements. The team behind Dream Kid, meticulously crafts the story arcs to be both therapeutic and age-appropriate, aiming to support children through their medical journeys in a gentle and positive manner.

Can I access it on multiple devices?

Dream Kid is currently tailored for the iPad, which is one of the most suitable platforms for enjoying the stunning visuals of our stories. However, we do plan to expand accessibility to other platforms in the future.

What sets Dream Kid apart from other similar apps?

Dream Kid distinguishes itself by focusing on therapeutic storytelling for hospitalized children, personalization that makes the child the hero of their story, and integration of medical concepts into engaging adventures. Furthermore, the stories are not just written; they are also narrated and illustrated, providing a comprehensive multi-sensory experience.

Who are the creators of Dream Kid?

Dream Kid was founded by three visionaries: Armağan Amcalar and Deniz Kaynak, bringing unique expertise in technology and creative storytelling to create an AI platform that supports children’s emotional needs during hospital stays.

Can Dream Kid’s stories be customized for specific conditions?

The stories are designed to be empathetic to the child’s medical journey, with a profile creation step that allows for the inclusion of specific challenges the child is facing. This indicates a level of customization to address individual medical conditions.

How can I delete my Dream Kid account?

To delete your Dream Kid account, go to the account page within the app, then click on "Delete Account." Confirm your decision and sign in again for security purposes to complete the deletion process. Once confirmed, your account and associated data, including all your created profiles and stories, will be permanently removed from the Dream Kid platform. Keep in mind that this action is irreversible, so ensure you are certain about deleting your account.
Please note that we will retain the irreversibly hashed email ID strictly for security verification and auditing purposes. The term "irreversibly hashed email ID" refers to a security measure where your email ID undergoes a one-way cryptographic process, resulting in a unique string of characters that cannot be transformed back into the original email address.

How can I contact the Dream Kid support team for assistance or inquiries?

We're always here to assist you! If you have any questions, need support, or want to share your feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. You can contact us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Your thoughts and questions are important to us, and we're committed to making your Dream Kid experience as magical as possible. Thank you for being a part of our Dream Kid community!